More Fun with Maps

Look I made a map of my own!


Ok, this might be a bit rough looking. It is, after all, not exactly something that’s ever going to actually make it the front of a book. You can tell from how it’s drawn on a spiral-bound notebook page. I use a lot of spiral bound notebooks.

drawing a map for yourself is helpful when writing fantasy, especially fantasy that takes place over a large land area (like an empire roughly the size of Han dynasty China). It lets you consider relative travel times for characters in different locations and helps to give a sense of place to your fantasy world. Everywhere seems more familiar when you’ve seen it on a map.

I colour coded this map to give me a reminder about the dominant palette for describing various areas. Dark green for forest, red and yellow for mountains, yellow and green for grasslands, yellow and red for desert and plateau. This helps me to keep track of descriptive language and gives a sense of cohesion to my description of place.

I put cities and forts in bright red so that they are easy to see.


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